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Tweetie 2 - iPhone Twitter App

A must-have App for Twitterholic iPhone users.
Tweetie 2 allows you to follow, unfollow, block/unblock and edit your profile from multiple accounts. I like the option where you can translate your tweets in to different languages. On Tweetie 2 you can preview short url's and even work offline where you can: read, tweet, favorite, follow.. and then your actions are synced as soon as you go back online. Pretty sweet!

Convert - iPhone Converter & Calculator App

In simple words... Convert allows you to convert money, measurements and other units. Designed with simplicity, usability, and beauty in mind. Check this $1.99 App out for sure!

Louvre - iPhone Louvre Art Museum App (free)

Louvre Museum iPhone App - Le Musee Du Louvre
Did you know that 8 million people visit the Louvre every year? It is the world's largest museum with over 30,000 works of art! The Louvre museum is located in the heart of Paris and was once a former palace that was home to the kings of France.

Take a flight to Paris yourself, or just check out this interesting iPhone app and bring the Louvre Art Museum iPhone App to you, through your iPhone!

Mega Girlfriend - iPhone Mega Girlfriend App

Mega Girlfriend iPhone App

Are you feeling lonely? Would you like to be with someone at bedtime?
Look no further! – Mega Girlfriend - iPhone Mega Girlfriend App is here!

Sleep with me videos? Yep... you read it right. Lay down and watch your Mega Girlfriend breath gently in her sleep. Suddenly, you don’t feel alone anymore. If all goes to plan, this iPhone app will help you fall asleep with a smile on your face. Is that an iPhone in your pocket?

You might be very surprised how relaxing this app is. Hearing someone sleeping next to you is very effective in relaxing your mind and putting you in a sleeping mood. Does she snore?? Mega Girlfriend

Touch Wood - iPhone Good Luck App (free)

TouchWood - Touch on Wood iPhone App

Touch Wood brings the expression "knock on wood" to your iPhone. Even though you have options to choose different skins and sounds, that screen still feels like 'glastic'.

...break a leg!

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