Apple iPad - It's Magic!


Introducing the NEW Apple iPad - Price: $499
"You know it's true, when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works. It sort of becomes... magical." Says Joni Ive, Senior Vice President for Apple Design.

Apple iPad features:

World Class Email Client - Check your email fast and effectively
Digital Keyboard - Easy typing with a regular size digital qwerty keyboard
Use your fingers to pinch open photos
Fun interface with little to no delay
IPS premium display technology with LED back lighting
Ultra thin and ultra light
Multi-touch Design
Custom Apple A4 Silicon Chip
New powerful apps
10hr+ Battery life

Phil Shiller, Senior Vice President says "The iPad is the best web surfing experience, the best email experience, the best photo and movie watching experience. It's going to change the way we do the things we do, every day."

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