Google announce a new 'Social Web Team'


Google just announced a new Social Web Team.
News broke earlier this week, that Chris Messina (@chrismessina), Joseph Sparr (@jsmarr) Will Norris (@willnorris) are "...joining Google to help drive a new company-wide focus on the future of the Social Web." Joseph wrote on his blog.

They will be teaming up with a squad of social media and internet gurus to form a very powerful team.

Will Norris seemed very ready to get to work. "Instead of the long contemplative post on how this move is the next logical step in a career of working in Identity Management, I’ll keep it short. I start work next Monday, February 1st, and I’m a bit pre-occupied this week with getting moved from Portland, Oregon down to Half Moon Bay, California." Will posted on his blog.

Chris Messina talks with The Social Web TV:

It looks as though 2010 will be an exciting year for both Google and the Social Web.

Follow some of the new Google Social Web Team mates on Twitter @willnorris, @jsmarr and @chrismessina

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